A young woman wanders around the forest, hoping to find inspiration to find new goals for herself.. When the sudden appearance of a swarm of butterflies startles her, she flees. While taking a breather, her phone rings. She does not recognize the ringtone. It is a song she has not heard before “It's okay to look my way while I'll dance for you”. When she checks her phone to see who is calling a cartoon-like character appears on the screen. While listening to the song, she starts to feel a sudden warmth in her body and notices that the butterflies have transformed into the symbol she just saw on the phone, Marty Mart. Back home, she still ponders about what has just happened. Was this some kind of message and if so, would she be the only one it is meant for? She sends a text message to her friend, asking to join her for a drink. When her friend later answers that she cannot make it, she decides to visit a club by herself. Inside, she encounters a young man and starts up a conversation.

When a web of rays of white lights suddenly surround the people in the club, they all seem to be affected by a force that wants to make them dance. The woman recognizes the tune. It is the same song she heard in the forest, earlier that day. In the middle of the dancing crowd Marty Mart enters the club and the woman seems to be the only one who sees and recognizes him. At that point she knows that she is part of something special. She feels that she has to turn things around for herself. She decides to leave in an instant, leaving her new friend frustrated. During his ride home, he feels rejected and frustrated. Just when he wants to lash out, he receives a phone call.

Meanwhile the young woman is at home, not knowing what to think of this character that obviously is trying to meddle with her life. Full of questions she finally decides to communicate with Marty Mart. Ready for her journey to the unknown, she leaves the house and, as in a dream, ends up in a maze. While looking for the exit, she meets a young man with a striking resemblance to the cartoon character. He helps her find the exit, where a sphere of light is waiting to draw her in.

It is time to wake up from the dream and start her new life. In a flashback, we see the young man dealing with the hurdles in his own life but, similar to the young woman he meets in the maze, he grows stronger with the help of Marty Mart’s energy. After the energy strikes him in the forest as well, he becomes able to help others escape from their maze, just like he did. Both found their calling, will you?

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Just remember

Never let fears of what others might think stop you from doing what YOU want, what makes YOU happy. Only then you can make a change. For yourself and for others...