Chapter one grow:

Chapter 1: Grow

Is about: ‘‘This is a continuous story about how we grow in life’’

Marty Mart is an symbol who spreads a hopeful message to people who feel a need for change in your journey on earth, using music to inspire. For writing your own history and use the talents in life you are blessed with.

Part one

The main character in the video is a girl who is not happy with her life. She wanders into the forest to gather her thoughts, hoping that the serenity of the forest will make her see things more clearly. She is looking for change. She wants more out of life and wonders what to do. Suddenly she is surrounded by butterflies. They move fast and frighten her. She starts running.When she takes a breather, her phone rings. She does not recognize the ringtone.(“it's okay to look my way while I'll dance for you) When she looks on the screen she notices a cartoon-like character, that does not look familiar. While listening to the song, played by her phone, she starts to feel a sudden warmth and notices that the butterflies have transformed into the symbol :Marty Mart.

Part Two

Thinking about what happened in the forest, the girl wonders if there are others who had the same experience and that she can share this with? Was this some kind of message? She decides to blow off steam and to go out for a drink. In need of a friend, she decides to text her friend. On her way to the bar, she receives an answer: “I'm so sorry, I can't make it tonight”. She is disappointed but decides to go by herself.

Part Three?

While she is enjoying the music, a boy approaches her (comes in. When he comes up to her (eventually he comes to the table where I'm at)and starts a conversation. Suddenly they are all surrounded by white lines, that show up everywhere in the bar. All the people start dancing to a new, but familiar tune, it is the ringtone from the forest: “It's okay to look my way”.

The girl thinks she is going mad and realizes that everyone shares the same experience. In the midst of the party, the girl recognizes Marty Mart, the cartoon character from the forest, coming down the staircase. At that point she knows that she is part of something special. She feels that she has to turn things around for herself. She walks away and leaves the boy confused.


Chapter 2: The Quest

Is about: ‘‘discover who you truly are’’

Part One:

When a boy tries to strike up a conversation with a girl in a busy club, the space is suddenly lit up by rays of light, accompanied by a specific song and a cartoon like figure, Marty Mart, enters the club. The girl is distracted and in the midst of the excited, dancing crowd, he loses sight of her.

Wondering why he did not make an impression on the girl that he liked, he leaves the club and bikes home, while thinking about the incident in the club. Somehow, he cannot get the music out of his head. In a daze, he is cycling home and on his way he takes a break at the bank of the river. Frustrated, he brings out his water bottle and is ready to throw it in the water, when suddenly his phone rings. He looks at the screen, it is the cartoon like figure he spotted at the club.

Part Two:

After leaving the club, the girl has the feeling that during the next two weeks, everywhere she goes, there are obstacles, and she feels like she has to change direction all the time to avoid them. She has the distinct feeling that something is trying to make it clear to her that she has to change her life. She finds new energy when she starts to communicate with the mysterious Marty Mart.

Part Three:

Ready for her journey to the unknown, she is suddenly surrounded by some energy. She feels as if she is dreaming and finds herself in the middle of a maze. A maze that seems to illustrate the search for herself. While walking through the maze, she meets another character. He accompanies her to the exit, where a sphere of light draws her in. It is time to wake up from the dream and start her new life...


Chapter 3: Devotion

Is about: ‘‘Opened my eyes to the world and to myself’’

Part One:

This last chapter focuses on the life of the boy who helped the girl on her journey through the maze that she felt she was in. However, he was not there by accident. He knew what it was like, feeling as if you are stuck in a maze. At one time he was just as lonely and insecure after he lost his mother, and his best friend, his dog. On top of that, he has always had a difficult relationship with his father, who has been an alcoholic all his life. Although his father desperately tries to reconnect with his son, he fails miserably.

Part Two:

Despite his unfortunate life, the boy remains true to himself and does not judge others. This motivates Marty Mart even more to help him to get stronger, believe in himself and be able to help others as well. Because of this energy, he is capable to help the girl find her way out of the maze and he finally returns to the place in the woods, where he met his energy source, just like she did.